ERREBI PAPER has always been attentive to issues of sustainability and environmental impact, so it continues to invest and use resources to improve its production plant in this perspective.

From the energy point of view, ERREBI PAPER is completely autonomous. Thanks to the large photovoltaic system, it not only feeds all its production lines, but also manages to release its green energy into the distribution network. This solution has made it possible to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the paper industry's production.

All the energy saving measures implemented by ERREBI PAPER are aimed at ensuring a better environmental livability.


Green production - Il Sole 24 Ore

This article highlights the strengths of ERREBI PAPER in terms of sustainability:
use of recycled fibers for greater eco-sustainability of production and products,
sustainable management of forests,
reduced environmental impact of production processes,
energy independence thanks to photovoltaics.
The ecological footprint of the company is clearly visible, the commitment to continue to improve in this aspect is constant.
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