Towels, kitchen towels and wiping rolls two-ply cellulose

Center feed hand towel rolls
Pure cellulose, 2-ply microembossed-glued
061167MG L 55 m | H 20 cm | Ø 130 mm | Q pack 12 rolls
062267MG L 128 m | H 23 cm | Ø 185 mm | Q pack 6 rolls

Kitchen towels
Pure cellulose, 2- ply microembossed-glued
252 sheets x 12 rolls
032044MG single pack FLORAL X 12
032045MG pack of 12 bulk rolls

Wiping rolls
Pure cellulose, 2-ply smooth or embossed
Recycled, 2-ply smooth or embossed
L 230 m ÷ 370 m
Perforation 37 cm
H 26 cm - 29 cm
Q pack 2 rolls

The paper hand towels are available in different versions.
Center feed rolls, perfect to be inserted in the special dispensers, kitchen towels or traditional rolls with perforated sheets.
The two-ply cellulose of the center feed rolls is microembossed, it's soft and fluffy, perfect for drying your hands.
The paper of the wiping rolls can be either embossed or smooth, in both cases, they are also available with the recycled paper.
This wide range is designed to meet all needs, not only to dry hands, but for all uses as well.