Interleaved Z-fold hand towels 2-ply microembossed cellulose

2-ply microembossed-glued
Mixed cellulose 80/20
20.3 x 24 cm
24 x 24 cm
15 packs *166 – 2.490 pieces per pack
Paper band – packaging in a cardboard box

Disposable paper hand towels for dispenser, soft and hygienic for all users in your business. Softness is guaranteed by the two layer of microembossed cellulose.
The packs are by 166 pieces. Each pack of towels is closed with a paper band and packed in a cardboard box, so that the towels are always clean and ready to be used. Easily recyclable packaging, one of the many ways chosen by our company to be eco-friendly.
The towels are available in two different sizes: rectangular 20.3x24 cm and square 24x24 cm.