Embossed disposable C-fold hand towels in pure cellulose

1-ply in pure cellulose
2-ply in pure cellulose
23 x 33 cm
1-ply: 24 packs *150 – 3.600 pieces per pack
2-ply: 24 packs *100 – 2.400 pieces per pack
Plastic band – packaging in a cardboard box

Soft and resistant pure cellulose C-folded hand towels for dispenser. The size is 23x33 cm and they are available in either one or two-ply. In both cases the product is made of pure cellulose.
The disposable paper towels are used in many different contexts. Inserted in special dispensers, they allow users to always have hygienic hand towels at their disposal. The user only extracts the ones he uses.