Recycled paper couch rolls, 2-ply cellulose

2-ply smooth
Mixed cellulose 80/20
Mixed cellulose 50/50
L 50 m ÷ 100 m
Perforation 35 cm ÷ 200 cm
H 25 cm ÷ 80 cm
6 - 12 rolls per carton
Individual polythene packaging of each roll for a better hygiene

Recycled paper couch rolls, a sustainable solution offered by our company. These are disposable medial rolls made of recycled cellulose, two-ply. Share the value of environmental protection with your patients, let them know that you use recycled paper in your practice.
The rolls are perforated, to be used in surgeries where there is an examination couch. Each time a patient ‘s visit is completed, the change of paper is quick, without wasting time or material, a hygienic environment is guaranteed for every user. Medical paper rolls are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Each medical roll is individually packed, making the paper always perfectly clean until use. With ERREBI PAPER you ensure maximum hygiene and protection for your customers.