Disposable embossed laminated examination couch rolls

1-ply pure cellulose + 1-ply polythene
Blue or white
L 50 m ÷ 100 m
Perforation 38 cm ÷ 200 cm
H 25 cm ÷ 80 cm
6 rolls per carton
Individual polythene packaging of each roll for a better hygiene

Laminated examination couch roll. It's disposable, hygienic and practical. Each roll is made of two layers, one in pure cellulose and one in polythene.
The embossing of the cellulose ply makes the product pleasant to the touch, to guarantee greater comfort during the medical examination.
The roll is perforated to facilitate tearing: changing the sheets between patients is quick and easy, without wasting paper.
The perforated laminated embossed medical roll is available in packs of 6 rolls. Each roll is individually packaged, to have a better hygiene of the product, even when stored in your warehouse before use.
The product is available in two colours: white or blue.