Airlaid 30×33 cm in packs of 50 pieces

Airlaid 30x33 cm in packs of 50 pieces

30 x 33 cm
12 x 50 pcs. – 600 pieces per pack
043033= 55g/m2
043033A= 60 g/m2

Airlaid cloths, dry paper, size 30x33 cm available in two different grammages: light 55 g/m² or heavy 60 g/m².
Why choose dry paper cloths? Because by using air instead of water in the paper production process, you get a thick, absorbent cloth. Airlaid cloths are pleasant to the touch, thick enough and very resistant. The airlaid was created to replace cloth products, offering the hygiene advantage that a disposable product can guarantee.
50 pieces per pack, perforated pack for easy opening.