ERREBI PAPER srl has been in the paper business in Cuneo for over 40 years.
The manufacturing has focused on disposable tissue paper and air laid articles to serve the medical, aesthetic, health and food sectors.
The medical branch is the company's core business: thanks to the experience acquired in the sector over the last four decades, ERREBI PAPER has been able to establish itself at European level as the specialist converter of medical couch rolls.
The product range includes examination rolls, folded hand towels or kitchen rolls, medical drapes and bibs. The articles are available in different formats and raw materials.
ERREBI PAPER offers its customers the possibility to have customized products adapted to their specific needs.
ERREBI PAPER has twelve automated processing lines and over the years has been able to adapt its range to the needs of an increasingly sustainable and green economy.
As far as the market is concerned, ERREBI Paper srl has chosen, over time, to allocate its resources mainly to exports (90% of the total turnover) and has been able to carve out an important space on European and non-European markets.


ERREBI PAPER at the ECOLABEL 2022 exhibition

Errebi Paper's V and Z interleaved towels are on display at the “A come Ambiente” Museum in Turin, where the exhibition "European Ecolabel and eco-labels for products and services in tourist accommodation" is installed. It is an exhibition completely dedicated to the voluntary eco-label: the EU Ecolabel. ERREBI PAPER has always been attentive to the environmental impact of its production, constantly investing in structural improvements aimed at making the company increasingly sustainable.

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la Repubblica

In its special edition published at the beginning of February 2021, la Repubblica highlights the main actions in favor of sustainability undertaken by ERREBI PAPER. This is with reference to the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of the plant which give us energy independence and allow us also to introduce part of the green energy we produce into the national grid and to the use of recycled fiber mix for the production of paper not intended for food use. Another recent action: we had planted more than 100 hydrangea plants in front of the new warehouse to give a green lung full of color to all passers-by.
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Leader in green production of medical and household paper
Il Sole 24 Ore

This article highlights the ecological footprint of ERREBI PAPER and all the green production choices that characterize the company. It talks about the QMS certification, the use of Made in Italy raw materials in pure cellulose and recycled paper, the sustainable management of forests and the use of green energy produced with the two large photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of the plant, sufficient to power the 14 production lines and to obtain a surplus of clean energy fed into the national grid.
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Northern Europe chooses sustainable companies
Valore Export

Guido Rinaudo, Managing Director of ERREBI PAPER, talks about the strengths that have made the company a point of reference for Northern Europe and the Middle East in the production and supply of paper for the medical sector. The company values and the efforts to become greener and greener represent an important benefit that, together with a high quality production that has never failed to meet expectations, has won the trust of customers for over 30 years.
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Paper products for the medical sector
Business Magazine

The highly automated company produces disposable paper products for a range of demanding markets such as healthcare, cleanliness and hygiene. The demands of the market are met with high levels of reliability and flexibility: the fluidity of closed decision-making processes in hierarchical management limited to the family is one of the trump cards. The company ships about 90% of its products abroad. The main export markets are France, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, Spain, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, but also Australia and the United Arab Emirates.
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Passion for paper

Environmental ethics and production excellence are the guiding principles of 35 years of history. In addition to products already known and appreciated worldwide, ERREBI PAPER proposes new "innovative" solutions. The leading product of the coming years will be the V-folded paper hand towel designed for family and domestic use that will replace the classic kitchen roll. The strength of this new product lies in its compactness, ease of transport and use. The volumes, with the same amount of material, are greatly reduced to the advantage of costs and energy savings. Even in the presentation of new products, ERREBI PAPER does not cease to advance its values in support of eco-sustainability.
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The uses of paper in the medical sector
Dossier Piemonte

This article was included in the heading "Entrepreneurs of the Year." The paper industry, in Italy, has a very important historical tradition. ERREBI PAPER has decided to specialize in a niche that finds most of its market abroad: the production of paper for the medical sector. Read here the interview to the Managing Director Guido Rinaudo.
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Soft, strong, absorbent
European Business Journal

ERREBI PAPER, the Italian company specialized in paper converting for medical and hygienic sector, is today one of the leading brands in its field. ERREBI has always invested in technological development to guarantee the highest standards of quality and efficiency. The export was developed thanks to the participation to the most important international fairs of the sector.
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